1/2 an Inch.

The tyranny of the viewfinder that is our canvas is well appreciated by all photographers. How we compose an image within it’s austier confines is, ultimately, a matter of pesonal taste.

On the road past lake Myvatn in the Northeastern Region of Iceland I happened apon this scene where the golden hue of the setting sun created a magical display on the frozen surface of the lake.

At first I thought the diagonal lines framed by the clouds and the golden light playing on the frozen lake would serve to lead eye to the remains of the volcano in the background (see the image above). However, the mound on the right, visible on the horizon, throws the picture out of balance. It is simply to big!

After playing around a bit I found that by moving the frame 1/2 an inch to the right I was able to use the mound as a stationary point balancing the weight of heaven and earth. Simpler. The result is Wintertide #9.