After filling my cup…

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We swam all morning at Playa Cala Clara, a little cove adjacent to a rocky beach. Here I discovered a less inhibited way of being. Mallorca.

I came back from my summer break enthused with ideas for developing my practice. What does one do on hot summer days with nothing but…

Roaming in Spring

Evening mass… Araceli Staircase, Rome. This man walked with the purpose of one who knows where he belongs. His black clothes suggest a priest on his way to evening mass. We each have our own purpose, story and history that grounds us. What version will you tell the world today?

A week in Rome during early spring has much to recommend itself: I managed to escape both the poor weather at home and the tourist hordes that descend during the summer months. And, walking Rome’s seven hills whilst savouring the food & architecture left many great memories worth sharing.

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The song within…

Learn to listen to the song within you and to create under the spell of it.Robert Henri After days of rain the thought of sunshine,…

Like rabbits…

Lith study #1 - Winkworth Arboretum

Like many artist before me I have looked to our planet’s changing seasons for inspiration. "Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen."

The view from Bayon

Standing on Bayon's upper terrace I survey the magnificence of the surrounding Angkor Tom, literally "Great City", who's majestic temples appear to be falling to an invading forest. Over my left shoulder a 4 meter tall stone face's gaze is turned to the east, so that each morning the serene smile is bathed by the sun.

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The sun also rises.

A short story about change and life's beautiful moments.

A short story about change and life's beautiful moments.

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