I first picked up a camera in my student days. It quickly became a counterweight to my abstract world of mental models and mathematics. A few years later, my wonderfully perceptive girlfriend gifted me a photography course that introduced me to the wet darkroom. Little did she know that she would loose me for endless hours every week as I discovered my love for crafting images in the quiet, red glow of that small dark room.

Over the ensuing twenty-five years I explored the world with my cameras and the perceptive girlfriend became my patient partner.

“I have found my peace waiting for just the right moment, the right light, the flash of feathers or fleeting tenderness in a pride of lions in Africa or the first snow falling on the cedars in Japan, first light in the Khentii Mountains in Mongolia or the sun slipping down behind a volcano in Indonesia. I’m most happy when I can take those moments behind my lens and craft fine images that recreate the world’s splendour.”

Today I am an itinerant artist and essayist driven by an insatiable curiosity about the world and its people. 

My art is guided by an intuitive approach to self-expression and supported by my innate openness to experiences. The common threads through my work are either a minimalist palette or composition, often both.