The Floating City

My ‘Floating city’ collection, now on display at, is based on my travels to Venice during 2019. This collection incorporates some of the innovations in my creative practise that I have been working on during the last two years. 

My first innovation is to actively incorporate night time photography in my itinerary. I first understood the magic of playing witness to life during the blue hour, and sometimes even later, whilst photographing cheetahs hunting in the Masai Mara. This was a happy accident and showed me how the bookends of sunrise and sunset were an unnecessary constraint to capturing life. 

The other is that my work has become more interpretive of my experience of a place and its people. This evolution was also unplanned. Whilst taking time to study the alternative printing techniques used by analogue masters, I had an epiphany: I realised a minimalist palette can say much about a place and its people. By repurposing these techniques I hoped to convey some of what I had experienced to my audience. 

The final change is that I now have much more time to travel, craft fine images and develop my creative practise. I am not a great believer in revolutions as much is lost in their birth. My focus will remain on crafting fine images – I have so many ideas for improving my craft and developing my photography! will be the main platform where my audience can engage with my work. Over time I will add the capability to sell limited run prints, zines and books – all delightfully tactile media. 

But I am getting ahead of myself – I hope you enjoy this work!