The song within…

Learn to listen to the song within you and to create under the spell of it.

Robert Henri

After days of rain the thought of sunshine, however frosty, drove me out of my warm studio to the local park. I had no intention of making images but,  through force of habit, my Mamiya came along. 

Much like a faithful dog, my Mamiya and a few rolls of film always make their way into my hands when I am headed out. Within minutes of arriving I was glad for it’s company. 

The rising sun, the crisp clean air that accompanied a -4c morning and the gentle mist hanging over the land combined to create an enchanting world that cast it’s spell on me. It was not long until the need to create pulled me into an intoxicating flow. For the next hour I walked, experienced, measured and composed as I listened to my song. I did not notice my hands working the shutter, changing aperture or loading fresh rolls of film; these were all parts of my song that I knew.

The part of the song that I had not known was how it ebbed and flowed like the sea. It had been a while since I sang it. Like any good friend, magic knows when to let you be —  in the depths of my grief there was no space for it. 

I am glad for its return. 


P.S. – The accompanying image is a companion snap I made with my iPhone as the M7’s negatives are a work in progress.