When it’s not birding…

Whilst rambling… The infamous Thursley Cuckoo still holds court in the pasture.

Every year ramblers and ardent birders alike get an opportunity to observe the spectacle of Colin, a migratory cuckoo visiting Thursley Common, being fed and photographed.

There is a lot of behaviour here that is questionable, including feeding a “wild” bird that it is clearly not experiencing any kind of calorie deficiency and some reports of aggressive behaviour by certain photographers towards the general public. 

I am always amazed at the lengths to which photographers and twitchers alike will go to get an image or tick a box. Every year this results is an overfed cuckoo and 100s of similar looking images.

Ironically this has been going on for so long that Colin has been domesticated to some extent, raising questions about the efficacy of these photos.

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