I first picked up a camera in my student days. It quickly became the counterweight to my abstract world of mental models and mathematics. A few years later, my wonderfully perceptive girlfriend sent me on a photography course that introduced me to the wet darkroom. Little did she know that she would loose me for endless hours every week as I discovered my love for crafting images in the quiet, red glow of that small dark room.

In the decade and a bit since then I’ve explored the world with my cameras. I found my peace waiting for just the right moment, the right light, the flash of feathers or fleeting tenderness in a pride of lions in Africa or the first snow falling on the cedars in Japan, first light in the Khentii Mountains in Mongolia or the sun slipping down behind a volcano in Indonesia. I’m most happy when I can take those moments behind my lens and craft fine images that recreate nature’s splendour. (In that time my perceptive girlfriend also became my patient wife.)

This portfolio is a showpiece for my images of the wildlife, places and birds that I love to photograph. I hope you find as much joy viewing these editions as I did tracking down the subjects on far-off plains.